The Maverick

Digital Difference

Customer-obsession begins with true empathy
and understanding for who you serve.
The Customer.

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Consulting Costs

We make buying digital consulting
services similar to how you buy
Software as a Service (SaaS).

We call it
Consulting as a Service (CaaS).

We have to earn your business every month,
just like the SaaS companies do.
Your spend is spread across
a 3 or 5 year period, so you can
budget predictably every year.
We’re with you for the long run,
and this model proves it.

We got rid of time & materials
billing and take care of all upkeep,
maintenance and upgrades.

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Your Interests
are our Interests

We do not accept software company
deal registrations, compensation
or rebates for recommending
their products to our clients.

During the strategy and vendor selection phases, legacy consultants are conflicted, as they have to please software vendor partners who bring them into client engagements and pay them rebates, compensation or deal registrations on the software they recommend to you. Typically, these kickbacks can range from 5%-25% of the software purchase price. That doesn’t seem Customer-Obsessed!

Mavericks aren’t conflicted, because we don’t take any software company rebates, compensation or deal registrations. This allows us to be Customer-Obsessed at all times and look towards the best outcome for our clients. It’s amazing how much noise this eliminates and more importantly, confidence this creates in your software selection.

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Outcome Focused

We’ve seen too many projects that were
a technical success, but failed to move
the needle in terms of the
business outcome.

We built a framework for helping our clients increase their own Customer-Obsessed metrics. Whether that means more sweaters sold online, more leads to sales reps, higher AOV, or more foot traffic at your retail location, we solve for THAT.

Your entire project team is aligned to the business outcome because it is built into your contract, as appropriate, and into their compensation plans. After all, if your consultants aren’t Customer-Obsessed, how can they credibly help you become Customer-Obsessed?

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