Highlights of the October 2019 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release

The next Salesforce Marketing Cloud release is rolling out and will be live for all customers by November 1st. This Marketing Cloud release builds on Salesforce’s promise to empower marketers by giving them a platform to unify and manage customer data, personalize content and offers with AI, engage across every channel and measure results. Many of the functions in the release were driven by customer demand that we’ve been tracking at Maverick Digital.

Highlights of the release include:

  1. Enhancement to the Journey Builder Ad Audience activity

    Facebook Advanced Match expands the number of attributes to improve match rates and achieve a higher return on advertising spend. Facebook Advanced Match is available to all clients with an Advertising Studio license and Journey Builder.

    This additional granularity is a great add-on for advanced users of the platform that are looking to maximize their personalization and ad spend.

  2. Google Analytics 360 Integration

    The ability to see how SMS activities in journeys impact the web conversion of customers in a single and multi-channel journeys is now available. Compare and contrast customer behaviors across multiple channels at once in journeys to gain insight into best performing channels and make data-driven decisions about marketing strategies.

    Further expanding the partnership with Google, the combination with Salesforce creates a best-in-breed, but integrated loop for cross channel campaigns, helping users determine the most effective time, content and channel for outreach.

  3. Combine the sending capabilities of Email Studio with Account Level Seed Lists in Return Path

    Return Path seeded sends now use Return Path Account Level seed lists. Account Level seed lists automatically sync with Return Path, preventing over-sending.

    Similar to Salesforce’s partnership with Google, this integration with Return Path makes available to users a stack that is unmatched in functional depth. In this case, you can throttle, pace and limit sends from within the SFMC interface at both the individual and account level.

  4. A new journey template is available to Journey Builder customers

    Use the Event Follow-Up template to build a journey to engage with attendees after an event, such as a webinar or tradeshow. This template is available to Journey Builder enabled accounts.

  5. Enhancements to Mobile Studio

    Match brand colors by using hex values in the color picker when creating in-app and LINE messages in Content Builder and Journey Builder.

    Use self-registration with GroupConnect and start sending even faster.

    Access all GroupConnect and MobilePush administration needs in Marketing Cloud Setup.

  6. Access Social Intelligence Module Data with Personal Social Manager in the Salesforce Mobile App

    Deliver relevant social insights that help data-driven account executives sell smarter into their customer base using the Personal Social Manager app. The Salesforce mobile allows access to Social Module Intelligence data. In the Personal Social Manager app, view personal Twitter feed or switch to Salesforce feed. Additionally, like or retweet Twitter posts and search new trending conversations.

    Several additional updates and enhancements will also be released this month.

    What to know more? As a proud Salesforce Partner, Maverick Digital is available to provide more information and answer questions on how to best leverage these new features and maximize your Salesforce investment.

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