• Use of disparate systems and no integration between Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud meant having to pull customer data from various sources, leading to inefficient processes and missed revenue opportunities.


  • Maverick integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, as well as disparate systems to unlock data tools within Marketing Cloud to make insights actionable.

  • Built email templates and multiple trigger-based journeys, automating a personalized digital customer experience.


  • Roti is well positioned to deliver a better customer experience and uncover upsell opportunities based on data.

  • Employees save on productivity with better process efficiency, unifying data into one platform.

Roti Unifies Data and Optimizes Marketing Cloud, Scaling Business for Growth


Roti is a Chicago-based fast casual chain of Mediterranean restaurants, serving fresh Mediterranean, consisting of wraps, pitas, rice plates and salads made from responsibly-sourced ingredients, prepared in every restaurant. Since 2007, the company has amassed 25 locations in five different markets (Dallas, NYC, Chicago, DC and Minnesota).

In addition to fast casual dining and takeout, Roti’s prosperous catering business offers a hospitable, curated culinary experience.


The company had preexisting Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud platforms, primarily using Salesforce CRM to manage an extensive base of catering customers. Marketing Cloud was not integrated with Sales Cloud or being utilized to its full potential. Instead, the company had been using separate email service providers to engage with customers. In addition, disparate systems consisting of both a loyalty program and food delivery app, resulted in mismanaged data and lost revenue opportunities. According to Vice President, Head of Marketing and Brand at Roti, Nico Nieto, “Our system had been very fragmented. We wanted to take advantage of the full capabilities of Salesforce, which is already a considerable investment for our business.”

Having been former colleagues, Nieto reached out to Belal El-Harazin, Founder and CEO of Maverick Digital, whom he knew was running a thriving Salesforce Consultancy. “I had a good experience working with Belal, I know he is smart and does the right thing, so I reached out.”

Nieto met with Maverick and was impressed from the initial exploratory call. “Maverick demonstrated seniority and clear domain of the space. That was represented in both explaining to us things we were unaware of, as well as suggestions to optimize and improve systems and processes to help us reach our growth goals. We needed someone who could understand our business quickly and help us create a roadmap for success,” said Nieto.


Maverick developed a new plan with Roti to create a unified view of all customer data to intelligently and automatically target the right customers and propel growth. To achieve this, Maverick’s MuleSoft certified developers integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud with Marketing Cloud, as well as disparate systems (loyalty program and food delivery app) — unlocking essential data.

“What really stood out to me, is that Maverick’s team members — whether a developer, strategist, account executive or program manager -— all have vast experience in the Salesforce ecosystem and are Salesforce certified, which allows them to consult, advise and speak with a lot of confidence. It doesn’t matter what part of the process you’re on — their team is very knowledgeable and will help. They have team members with 15-20 years working with Salesforce — and navigating complexity, so they bring that expertise for clients like us.”

Maverick’s Marketing Cloud Consultants performed the following actions, using Marketing Cloud:

  • Integrated 20+ data points to automatically funnel customers.

  • Developed automated seven trigger-based journeys.

  • Created email templates for customer journeys.

  • Sufficiently trained Roti’s team on how to use Marketing Cloud and tips for moving forward.

Any data integration dealing with legacy systems is a challenge — but Roti made the right choice in choosing Maverick. The Maverick team worked to ensure seamless integrations, Marketing Cloud setup and training. According to Nieto, “Maverick went above and beyond. They knew the right thing to do for us as a client. They showed a lot of integrity in getting us to where we needed to be. We really appreciate that.”

“I would absolutely recommend Maverick. They carried us all the way through. If Salesforce is your tool, you need to find a partner that cares as much about their business as they care about your business.”

- Nico Nieto, VP, Head of Marketing and Brand, Roti


With platforms and systems fully integrated, and Marketing Cloud in use, Roti is better positioned with a future-proof solution that scales for growth.

By enlisting Maverick to optimize and train on Salesforce, Roti is now able to:

When asked if he would choose Maverick again, Nieto exclaimed, “I would absolutely recommend Maverick! They carried us all the way through. If Salesforce is your tool, you need to find a partner that cares as much about their business as much as they care about your business. They are also kind people — which is really important, and that comes from leadership, all the way down. Maverick was very honest and upfront in their communications — we would absolutely go with Maverick if we were going to do further implementation or optimizations.”